Art as a Privilege

by juliemaida

Approximately once per month Every once in while I have a day in which I am unmotivated and don’t feel like making orders. Usually it is because someone ordered something on Etsy that I have already made 25 times and I am “over it” because I am a “free spirit ” (picture 70’s hippie meets Snow White ) and want to make something new and exciting because, well, that is what I feel like doing.

Today is one of those days. It is 60 degrees outside and I am absolutely pining for spring weather. Cue visions of hiking, camping, gardening and frolicking around out back with my dogs. However, I have a responsibility to  the people who make my business work and I need to get to work whether I “feel like it” or not.

I had a moment today though. When I really think about it, I kind of want to punch myself in the face for feeling that way. Really, Julie? You don’t feel like filling orders today and your whining about it? You are complaining because you are BLESSED and privileged enough to do what you love for a living? So, I say to myself, “Self, you are acting like a jerk. Get over it and fill your orders!” I even gave myself an angry face. 😡

Art is really a privilege. It is a gift and a blessing, and I have a wonderful life. Don’t forget that, self.