Moving breaks my spirit

It also breaks my internet connection. Apparently living in the woods in Virginia is reason enough for Comcast to have to do a survey on your house to find out if you can even get an internet connection. :/ At least I have trees though! Lots of trees and pretty scenery and opportunity for picture-taking activities. I moved to Virginia, by the way (hence the my spirit being broken part). Oh, and I also got married. To my overseas internet boyfriend who I met online and didn’t meet for an entire year in person. It is an interesting story. Other than my lack internet, I am completely content with everything. My awesome husband and our house and our zoo (we have two dogs and two cats)- yep everything. Content. That is a most intriguing place to be. I can’t say I have ever really experienced it until now. It is the feeling that I am just peachy with my life and that I am not working toward something in order to fulfill some inner desire or purpose that will finally bring me a feeling of accomplishment. Sure, I have goals, but my peace and happiness are not contingent on meeting them. I am more relaxed. This rocks.

I have not posted in a while because I have been in the process of moving and unpacking (and not having an internet connection). But, today I have some new stuff. Yay for stuff! Eastpoint church, which was my church in Newark, DE before I moved to Virginia, has given me the opportunity to make some stuff for them. I enjoy it very much- this whole design thing- and would like to do it for a living. I am helping them with a new bulletin and with “branding” for a project they are calling “The One Can Plan”, (which is a food drive involving cans if you had not come to that conclusion). I have posted both designs below. Both are a combination of a photo I took and a little software magic.