Puppy Brigade

by juliemaida

I have to write about them because, well, they are so cute. Also, loud. And demanding. But, really really cute. There are seven, yes seven, four-day-old puppies in my house. Plus the mama. Add our other two dogs, two cats, and our hedgehog and we should be on a episode of animal hoarding.

No, we do not really own all of these dogs. We have volunteered to foster a dog family for a local organization called Bully Paws. Bully Paws was created because people are  jerks   uneducated regarding pit bulls. A lot of shelters will automatically euthanize pits just because of their breed (regardless of temperament). Bully Paws rescues these pits from the surrounding shelters and places them in foster homes until they can be placed in a forever home. Good job, Bully Paws. Good job.

For those of you who don’t know, pits are AMAZING dogs. I have owned three up until this new family arrived. They are inherently very affectionate, loving, patient animals. All the media hype is a bunch of nonsense. The truth is that you can have a dog with a bad attitude (which is often due to some kind of abuse) no matter what the breed. In fact, I have met a ton of smaller satan- incarnate -chihuahuas dogs that want to bite my ankle off, but I have never met a mean pit bull. Bigger dogs just get a bad rap because the medical bills are higher with a big dog (bigger teeth= bigger bite).

Anyway, back to the puppies. The mama’s name is Midge (that is the name the shelter gave her), but we have renamed her Anya because we like it better. She is a gem and a great mama. She had her puppies in our bath tub on Sunday. I think that the world should be able to see her beautiful, loud, hungry puppies. World, here they are…

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Despite what you may or may not think about pit bulls, I can assure you, they just want to cuddle. For information on Bully Paws and everything that they d0, check them out here. http://www.bullypaws.org. If you want to help and foster a dog, there is always one that needs rescuing and TLC. If you just want a dog, I have a few….