Julie Maida


Month: March, 2012

I’m in love with encaustic

In love, I tell you. I discovered it a few years ago when my friend bought a piece by an artist in Colorado. I was enamoured instantly. It looked etherial, soft, and “dreamy”. Smooth and soft, but also full of texture and depth and layers. And lots of color. Color is my absolute favorite. I discovered it again at a local gallery about a month ago. Every time I see it, I practically have a heart palpitation. There is just something about it. Of course, my first thought is “I LOVE that!”, and then my very next thought is “I could never do that!”. Then finally today I said to myself, “Self, that is dumb. really dumb.Why can’t you do that? It just means you have to learn how to paint that way. I think you should try it.” To which I answered, “Self, you are right! Why not? That is that, then. I must learn”. And so, it begins!

So, what is encaustic, you ask? It is, quite simply, painting with pigmented wax. And it is beautiful. And I intend to master it, even if it mean I have to be up at weird hours or results in multiple burns marks from a heat gun. I have officially purchased a book on it…which makes it…official. I am on my way to owning a heat gun, and learning how to mix a combination of pigment, wax , and resin. Dangerous hot wax art, here I come!!

Adventures in Etsy

I have been telling myself for at least a year now that I would open an Etsy shop. For those of you not familiar with Etsy, it is an online market place for the artsy and the crafty. You can buy and sell handmade. It is hard not to go on and get lost in all of the wonderful things that people conjure up! That is why I never get onto Etsy just to look at people’s stuff or shop unless I have at least 20 minutes of “extra” “free” time (much like the “extra free time” I dedicate to words with friends, and face book). Because I want everything. And I want to make it all. My biggest obstacle is and has always been…”but I want to do that too”. It is partially because I am indecisive, but also because I am easily excited by creative projects of all kinds. I have diagnosed myself with OVADHD (Online Visual Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

So, anyway, I finally did it! YAY! And it actually worked faster than I thought. I mean granted, it’s because I try and market my site and my awesome friends are always the first buyers (insert lots and lots of gratitude for said friends here__________ :D! ) but still, I have already sold stuff and it has only been a couple of weeks! The first thing I put on the site were coasters (credit husband for brilliant coaster idea). I wanted to make something people could use. I love to make art and prints, but I have discovered that people are more often seeking to buy a “useful” item. Coasters are useful, right? I started adding prints and artwork and then I got distracted and made a couple of thing out of clay.

Um, so I accidentally published this post without finishing it. Where were we? I think we were on something like “YAY! THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!”.

So, this is what I have learned thus far…

1. Just because you are overly critical of your stuff, doesn’t mean someone else won’t think it is awesome, so get over yourself and just put it on Etsy anyway

2. Be fast with responses and shipping and make sure people know that they are appreciated and that you are grateful for their business

3. Market. No one is going to buy stuff from your shop if they don’t know it is there.

4. Spend $50 on a light photography kit so that your pictures look somewhat professional instead of ghetto

5. Make more of what people buy

In case you would feel so inclined to check out my new site, you can do so here. http://www.juliemaida.etsy.com. I also have an online portfolio now and it is here…www.juliemaida.com.  For now, that is all. 🙂