Kitchen Art

by juliemaida

This month, I had the pleasure of making a custom backsplash for someone’s kitchen! How great is that?! The buyer (Christina) found me on Etsy and already had an idea for what she wanted, so all I really had to do was try not to screw it up make sure I got it right.

She asked me for 15 tiles that sit horizontally across a spot above her stove. Because she liked my birds and trees, she requested one long tree branch that would continue along all 15 tiles. She wanted each tile to be adorned with whimsical birds sitting along the branch. After sending me some photos of her kitchen, and giving me a good idea of the color scheme she had in mind, I went to work.

The resulting tiles are featured below! The tiles go in order from right to left, (green, gray, red, and yellow). For the photo’s sake I had to stack them, but it is meant to be one row of alternating colors and birds.


backsplashkitchen backsplashkitchen2 backsplashkitchen3 backsplashkitchen4

This was such a fun project!