Art As a Gift

by juliemaida

I love it when someone gives me a piece of art as a gift. I am grateful for the thought and consideration that goes into such a personal gift. I consider it to be personal because in order to buy a person art, you have to know them well enough to know what type of art will best suit their tastes and sensibilities. It’s kind of like buying a person clothes or a bag. You can’t just walk into any old store and pick something out without knowing that person’s style, and size, and color preferences. It is the same with art.

Recently I have been on a kick with house projects. This weekend we are building a table (and when I say we, I mean, my husband is building a table and I am painting it), we are picking out curtains (literally), and I starting hanging up art. Much of this art has been gifted, which is the reason I am so very fond of it. I think I will share this art with you, too.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I always credit the artist if I know who it is, so hopefully, you will take the time to stalk them a little on the internet (like I did), and learn more about their craft. Maybe you will even find something to gift to someone else!