Fancy Schmancy

by juliemaida

Okay, not really. But I can say I’m totally like a real live responsible grown up today! If I had a responsible achievement meter or chart, I would get a waaayyy better meter rating, or even a gold star, for sure. I have finished everything that I needed to finish for the upcoming gallery/boutique exhibit. Yay! Not only am I on time with my deadline, but I am EARLY! Someone throw confetti! I have created everything with care and consideration (paying attention to the finest of details), and made it to last for a long time. I have been careful to make food related items, well, food safe, I have ordered much cooler business cards with fancy rounded corners, AND I even have a networking group tomorrow morning. In fact, I am going to get to my camping weekend later than I would like because I opted for working some more! I feel good about this. 🙂

I have such a sense of accomplishment and anticipation about this whole scenario, but a little part of me is sad. It occurred to me that people will actually purchase the items at the gallery (or least I hope they do), and that means I have to part with them. I put so much work and thought and attention into creating things and then it is hard to let it go because it is kind of a part of me. I am sure I will get over that though when I get paid because then I can buy more art supplies. 😀 Hobby Lobby, I will see you in the near future. (PS…If you have never been to a Hobby Lobby, it is like Home Goods meets Michaels. It is so many levels of awesome. I highly recommend it).

I took some pictures of said inventory because I like looking at all the stuff at once. All that work in one place. This includes 4 original paintings, 10 sets of coasters(40 total), 5 trivets, 10 sets of wine charms (40 total), and 10 wooden bowls. 

ImageThat’s right. It’s in a wine box. 🙂


Wine Charms in little bags (don’t you just love anything that comes in a little bag?…Image

Painted wooden bowls…Image

Trivets (for those of you who don’t know what a trivet is (since someone had to explain to me what it was when I heard the word, they are those things that you set hot dishes onto at Thanksgiving so you don’t burn the table. They are made to match the coasters).

ImageFinally, the four paintings ( I made art art tower)…Image


So what did I learn from this experience? Mostly I learned never ever to agree to sell stuff at a gallery and then also plan a camping trip during the same weekend that they are due. Never ever do this. Bad idea. I learned to make a list when I go to Hobby Lobby so I don’t have to go back to the store 3 consecutive times. I learned that it always takes forever to make something new until you get a good process down. Finally, I learned that just because you love your 4 pets does not mean they should ever join you in your art studio because they get hair on everything and you have to start over. All very important lessons. 

I am getting better at doing this being an artist thing. I think I will keep doing it. 🙂