The Ponshop

by juliemaida

Not, pawns, but Pons. (As in the last name of the people who own the shop/gallery where my stuff will soon be). Since I think this place is awesome, I am going to write about it.

This studio in downtown Fredericksburg (which you can view here), is owned by husband and wife team Gabriel and Scarlett Pons. (Seriously? Could their names get any artsy-er?) These former architects, exchanged their busy New York city lives for their own little business and the ability to really create what they love most. Scarlett creates beautiful pottery and ceramics and Gabriel focuses more on painting and graphic art. (He makes the coolest skateboards I have ever seen!) I don’t have any good photos of their stuff, but you can find them here. 

My favorite part of this place is that it is practically a playground of color! It’s contemporary and fun and features over 30 different artists in addition to the owners. You can find everything from handmade wine toes to jewelry. Christmas shopping will be easy for me this year! if you are visiting the area, you should definitely check this place out!