by juliemaida

I think that today is the first day I identify with this title. Not because I had any kind of epiphany really, but because I changed my perspective (and by “I changed my perspective”, I mean that my husband and I sat down and had a talk about how doing anything except for art pretty much breaks my spirit and we decided I should start doing this art thing full time.)

So, here I am. Nothing to distract me. Only one goal. One business. Nothing to do but create and market, create and market. Full time. I love it. I love every minute of it. If I am not making something, I am thinking abut making something (this is where you should start to feel sympathy for Josh for having to put up with my constant (and I do mean constant) creating art, talking about creating art, and thinking about creating art).

On the marketing front, I have updated my portfolio/website, and uploaded my images to a few new sites where people can go on and buy my prints directly. I have updated Etsy and posted better photographs. I even made an Etsy banner! Oh, and I changed my shop name to maidasomeart. Today I sent my portfolio to a local art studio/gallery in Fredericksburg (that I have been thinking about calling for about a month, but have not because I am a chicken), and I got an email back asking to meet me and see my stff in person! You can be certain that my excitement over this development will result in a less than stellar night of sleep. I feel like it is Christmas. On the creative side, I have started making more coasters, wine charms, and wooden household items (since these seem to be most popular), and I have added children’s and nursery art to my shop section.

I am grateful that I have been blessed with an ability and a desire to create things, and for both my husband and my mom for being my biggest cheerleaders and supporters. I am blessed also to have wonderful supportive friends who care about me and were the first purchasers of my art!I am reveling in the fact that I get to do this for a living, and from now on when someone asks “what I do”, I will respond with “I am an artist”.