Why MaidaSomeArt

by juliemaida

Just in case you haven’t seen my recent Facebook status pleading for people to like me, MaidaSomeArt is my new Facebook page. You’d think I have enough pages out there on the interent already. I have an online portfolio, an Etsy shop, a blog, and now I have decided to officially jumped onto the “having Facebook page” bandwagon. (I just wanted to use the word bandwagon. I like it.)

Before you judge me for spending too much time on the internet, please allow me to explain I have decided to explain myself. It occurred to me (and by “it occurred to me”, I mean my new next door neighbor explained this to me) that if you want people to see your art (and if you are especially lucky, buy it), they have to know it is exists. Duh. Sure, it means I have to pay attention to Facebook a lot, but it also means people will see my stuff and interact with me. It’s worth it to get 30 emails telling me that someone liked my page or commented on my status, or bought something on Etsy.

There is a very important lesson to be learned here (at least for me). I realized that all I had to do was ask. Ask for help. You know what happened when I asked? People responded- 28 to be exact. They responded, because they want to help. They just need me to ask. For some reason, I keep forgetting about this lesson. I have to keep relearning it. Thank you to everyone who helped me grow my little shop just a bit more.! 🙂

The link to my new page is here… just in case you would still like to “like” it.